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Project: Crystal Radio (Two versions, one great thread!)1-10-2009 Added 4-19-2009

Project: Guitar Hero style guitar controller. (Made out of cardboard!)2-18-2009 Added 4-19-2009

Project: Old School Keyboard (refurbish and PS/2 upgrade) 2-2-2009 Added 4-19-2009

Project: Power a Macaw through your USB port! (just for shits and giggles)12-18-2008

Project: Cheap-ass Camera mods(now with 25% more cheap-ass!)12-10-2008

Project: Paint it black (painting a computer......black.)11-14-2008

Project: TITB (A computer paint job)11-23-2008

Project: Reuse (Rebirth of a crappy computer)8-31-2008

Project: AGA (Another Guitar Amp)6-9-2007

Project: CardComp2-26-2008

Project: Picture Frame (How to make a $150 LCD picture frame for $20)11-5-2007

Project: CardAmp (how to put junk in a box and amplify a guitar with it)12-27-2006

Project: MagnaComp (How to make a peice of junk into another peice of junk)2-26-2006

Project: COTC (AKA not a real mod, but a study in how to do horrendous paintjobs for $5)3-10-2006

Project T.M.P.M.E (How to make a Dell look ugly while adding cooling fans)10-23-2005

Torque Conversion Calculator (a program I wrote that can convert ft. lbs into ft. inches or vice versa, plus convert to Nm.)


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