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Photo 4 of 4 from 89 and 91 Grand Marquis

91, The dark spots are mud (not rust) from the dirt roads getting to my parents house in the middle of nowhere. There is a rust hole just behind the rear door at the bottom. Also right above the rear tail light is not the original piece that someone only half painted so the black is still showing on the replacement part.

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11-28-2012, 10:34 PM
89 and 91 Grand Marquis
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  1. VicCrownVic
    And the light spots are where the previous owner painted spots that were starting to rust, he wasn't very careful about it either looks like he just got out the can and went to town, but at least he did something about it. The paint spot on the front door is about 20 times larger than the rust spot on the rear corner of the door.
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