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Merc Travel

Our Merc getting us there .... and back for 20 years.
Addco F&R, Bilstiens, 17s, RS-As, twins, XM too.
  1. Merc overlooking Valley of the Gods from Moki Dugway
  2. Merc at Mesa Verde, I think a flash popped
  3. Merc at German Valley overlook
  4. Merc somewhere in Ohio, I think
  5. Gassing at The Jackrabbit
  6. on the Natchez Trace
  7. Mesas to the north (right) along Rt66 west near Prewitt, NM
  8. Kent, Tx.  left here and over 104 miles later, tapped brake to slow for exit, doors locked.
  9. Really older section Rt66 west of Depew, Ok.   no traffic.
  10. WigWam #6, Motel built late 1949 50  was still family owned % operated
  11. Old Laguna, NM
  12. Merc at Rest Area NM, was 104 I think
  13. Hackberry Gen Store, Rt66 old road AZ
  14. Cadilac Ranch, Rt66 WB of Amarillo, Tx.
  15. Rt66 towards Az. RR and I40 to left below nearing Manualito
  16. Whiting Bros Gas Stop Rt66 west of San Fidel, NM ... no gas here
  17. old Rt 66 west of Oatman
  18. Looking back at White Sands, NM
  19. Langtry Texas near the Rio Grande
  20. Alamo Village movie set built 1959, just latest visit.  Closed now.
  21. Budville is on old Rt 66, was the scene of a real life murder and used in a obscure flick once too
  22. In California looking east on Rt 66
  23. Langtry Texas ... only grass
  24. Apache Summit.  Was a time ..........
  25. it was 101 this point i9n time at this place at 75 mph, headed west.
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