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Conversation Between GM_Guy and Grand_Marquis_LSS
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Conversation Between GM_Guy and Grand_Marquis_LSS

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  1. Hey long time, have you been to andys lately?
  2. Not much lately. We got a 88 Grand marq (beigh one) but the scraped it allready
  3. oh yea, im still out at andys, still drivin the 90 vic for a yard car
  4. A little bit here and there, lots going on the last several months tho, so not near as much as I wanted to do, The red merc is gone now, so im down to my 89 merc and my 69 lincoln
  5. Hi Dave!
    Good to hear from you. Been working on any of the cars?
  6. Hey Alex, hows it going? it's Dave from andy's.
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