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Conversation Between packman and 86GmLsCoupe

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  1. Hey there, that was me that you saw! Thanks a bunch for the compliments, the car has a so so repaint to save the body done over last summer. I remember one day seeing a CV while going under that bridge towards Westfield Ave one day not long ago, and I usualy see Box parked out in the Strauss parking lot on Westfield Ave right after you make the turn off of Locust. Maybe one day we can see about a meet for people in our area if you'd like. Thanks again, and I'm sorry I didn't reply earlier but didn't notice the message until now.
  2. I don't mean to bother you, but did I see you earlier today (around 12:45 PM)on South Ave. in Roselle driving east. I was at the light on Locust across from the Wendys. If that was you, your avatar pic does your car no justice. If that wasn't you, sorry to have wasted your time. Though the car I saw looked exactly like the one in your avatar.

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