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Conversation Between Lincolnmania and MattsLincoln

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  1. hey mang can you switch my user name to MattsTownCarSS. getting my towny this friday. need to change my name
  2. scott please message me i need to talk to you about inspecting my car. I have no cats on it and would like to know if you know someone who can do my inspection and let the cats slide. please pm me with info. This is due in february 2011.
  3. need more help on my tune up check the thread i updated it.
  4. scott check my thread about my tuneup. I need you to tell me how to flush the system.
  5. scott is there suppose to be water in a coil.mine has water in it. it also damps the spark plug wires end too.
  6. ok mang. next time i see you.
  7. 20 bucks for the trunk weatherstrip and the servo and the vacuum hose......dont send me a check, just pay me next time i see you if you can mang.......hope you had a good time at scottfest mang!
  8. how much do you want for it all. i will try to send a check to you. Need your mailing address. i got the ignition module so i will put it on when it gets here and see what happens.
  9. darn im sorry i didn't know you wanted me to pay for it. i am broke dude after buying this i only have 3 dollars left.
  10. yea that's a good deal, hope u won

    hey you forgot to pay me for the trunk weatherstripping and the parking brake switch
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