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Conversation Between Rodentkiller and DanHool

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  1. glad to see you...
  2. good to see you
  3. got to keep my ira so far
  4. Dan ige me a call on my hardline at(702)399-1483. Meet me at the Red Square Resaraunt on Dec 5th to get the ticket I will be at the restaraunt when it opens at 4pm. Red Square is located inside the Mandely Bay Hotel. Yes I will be driveing my Crown Vic. I hope to seee ya soon. By the way please pm me on the site or E-mail me at my addy ratkatcher@embarqmail.com.
  5. Dan If you want to go and see Metallica meet me at the Red Square Restaraunt and Bar to get the Ticket and yes I will be reasonable on the cost. To confirm call me on my hardline at (702)399-1483 Looking forward to seeing ya Dan. Catherine
  6. Dan I will hold the ticket for ya if you still want to come to the Metallica show. I am looking forward to seeing the show and you. I will be reasonable on the cost of the ticket. So call me on my hardline 702-399-1483. Catherine
  7. Sorry for waiting so long my ISP has been screwing up Dan. The Ticket is still avalible for the Dec 5th show at the Mandelay Event center. Give me a call on my hardline at 702-399-1483 thanks Catherine.
  8. i would love to go, how much are they,,, under one bill i hope
  9. i can make it
  10. Dan I hope things are going well for you. I will be getting tickets to the Metalica concert on Dec5th, let me know if you can be here if you want to go. I already offerd to the other GMN members the ticket if I do not hear from anyone I will sell the other ticket.
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