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Conversation Between Grand Marquis GT and sniper308

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  1. Sniper mang! Glad you're alright now, we were wondering where you been?

    Yes, I am on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/gmgt1984

    Also, there's a GMN facebook group!
  2. Greetings Grand marq GT Mang it's been !!LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG TIME !! i do not appear by this home site but as you asked i'm back but sad tuesday at 9:55 am while returning from work I fall sleep driving and suffer a terrible car accident were i was severely injured and the Panther died but I am alive to tell nothing I will check the forums tell the rest of the mangs here that i'm back see you in the forums ! hey! are you in facebook ? if the answer is yes look for me or tell me how you appear and i look for you, nos vemos amigo,cuidate mucho/ see ya buddy take care
  3. Sniper! Come back!
  4. Sniper! We need THIRD PART updates!!!
  5. Hey,hey Mang Happy new year i hope you're right as your family too unfortunally I cannot tell the same this past thursday at night while I was driving to work I suffer an accident due to an irresponsible driver who ignore the stop and cross crashing both my Panther front was totally destroyed and I recieve injuries in neck,left arm and shoulder so i am recovering in house right now and I need to talk to you do you have a connection at Team Ford Parts who I can speak and identify as member of this site and I can get a discount Well i tell you as I see that they are one of sponsors in your site, Well take care and see ya at the forums I will post more of this in my thread

    Att. Sniper 308
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