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    New around here

    Hey all! Decided to sign up and browse around, I will have questions coming soon. I have an 03 gs I live in the Central Florida area Melbourne to be exact most people don’t know where it is I’m 30 minutes from Kennedy Space center and an hour ish away from Orlando. Look forward to some good interaction in the forum.

    Welcome to the forum! You can find many questions answered in the threads posted under the technical section, but you sure can ask if you can't find the answers you're looking for. Make sure you mention your car if you make a thread to make things easier on all of us, or write it on your forum signature if you only have one car (found in settings).
    If you feel like staying for a while, consider making a Reader's Rides thread on your car, that's a handy and neat way to archive your questions and answers and things you've done to your cars.
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      Welcome to the forum.

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      Originally posted by ootdega
      My life is a long series of "nevermind" and "I guess not."

      Originally posted by DerekTheGreat
      But, that's just coming from me, this site's biggest pessimist. Best of luck

      Originally posted by gadget73
      my car starts and it has AC. Yours doesn't start and it has no AC. Seems obvious to me.



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