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Box Two Door Front Seat Hinges

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    Originally posted by 87gtVIC View Post

    Huntsville alabama LQK self service yard. I had a job down in New Orleans where I drove a van to pick up equipment. I made a stop at the yard on my way down.
    Nice find. lots of good, no rust parts there.
    Thanks for the pm too.


      Originally posted by Mainemantom View Post

      I have had major problems with my windows 10 upgrade and being able to post here. The only way I can post is either with my iphone 10 or by using Edge with win.10. PIA. My time on this site is about half as much as before which does not make me happy.
      I wish I did win the lotto. My wife and I know where the money would go. Hopefully the person who won won't blow it up their nose. For sure the winner will have more "friends" with all kinds of sad stories. Maine is a State where the winner's identity is not kept confidential. Most people who win the lottery are unhappy and broke in 5 years.
      Thanks for asking about me.
      Too bad - I wish you had been the winner!
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