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    One thing I have an included is that this hesitation seems to happen when the car goes on an upshift when I press down on the accelerator after putting on the brake for a second and it's on the up shift could it be the transmission or the torque converter thank you

    The stock transmission programming allows coasting of the transmission and does not downshift until you press the accelerator pedal again. The higher the mileage, the longer that may take to shift until it starts throwing codes for not shifting in time (OD OFF light will blink on pre OBD-II cars (92.5-95) - check engine light on OBD-II vehicles (96+) and OD OFF may flash depending on how bad the error is ... IIRC). If the hesitation is longer than a standard shift (about 0.2-0.5 second), then you may have sticking or leaking solenoids in the trans and need to replace plungers in the valve body. A j-mod and valve body/solenoids refresh will make it shift firmly and typically much quicker since the mod increases the flow rate just a bit as well as allowing better pressure control and TC cooling. Up to 97 (all aeros) (maybe just civilian programming?) cars also were programmed for 1-2 shift regardless of selecting 1 and also selecting 2 forced 2 period so you could take of in 2 from a dead stop. I have no clue why they did that. This was a valve body issue. Ford allowed this to be changed to gear selected is what you got in 98+. Most drivers just throw it into D and forget about it, so it's not really an issue for most drivers.

    Torque converter issues show themselves as shudder at about 35-40mph going up inclines as the clutches in the TC will slip and catch and slip again when they are worn out. This is due to lack of flow in/out of the TC that the J-mod will fix. This can be helped out by adding an auxiliary transmission cooler (8 pass (single pipe back and forth through fins) or 10-14 plate coolers are plenty for most folks - I have a 24 plate (aftermarket for an E350) cooler on my 93 since I sometimes tow 3000+ pounds with it).

    tl;dr - it's probably the stock programming and some worn solenoids. j-mod and valve body rebuild should firm things up. Should be fine if you just ignore it too.

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      ...and also selecting 2 forced 2 period so you could take of in 2 from a dead stop. I have no clue why they did that...
      I did not know panthers did this, but I love that feature. The '02 Tahoe in our fleet does this and it's great for taking off in slippery conditions or tooling around in traffic where you never get going fast enough to need 3rd or will have to stop just as soon as it shifts into it.. I feel it is prolonging the life of the trans given all of the erroneous shifting we're preventing.
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