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2000 headlight adjustment

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    2000 headlight adjustment

    how do i adjust the headlight position on my 00 merc?
    2000 MGM LS

    This is for Crown Vics. Marquis headlamps are not exactly the same, but I am assuming it will work.

    Stolen from Linky...

    1). Remove plastic shroud (the one with the three plastic retainer tabs under the hood)
    2). Pull the 4 metal tabs from the headlamp assemblies. You will need to use a pair of needle-nosed pliers to remove them. Stick one of the noses into the tiny hole on the top of the tab and pull them out.
    3). Catch the lamp assemblies.
    4). Use a 1/4" ratchet with a 5/32" socket and place it over the metal shaft (with the threads) on the topmost knob. This is the one on top of the smaller knob (you do not need to touch the knob that is by itself).
    5). Set the ratchet to loosen, and grib the plastic knob with the pliers. Start ratcheting while holding the knob still. Let the knob go down a few threads.
    6). Reassemble but do not lock the metal tabs, use them to secure it for aiming purposes.
    7). Turn on the low beams and see if it hits the target (25 ft standard procedure).
    8). Re-do until it hits, repeat procedure for other lamp.
    9). Use the ADJUSTMENT diagram

    The factory aiming was 2' below the target point at 25 ft. This is very bad quality assurance, and in fact it is appalling that Ford did not check the head light aiming before the vehicles left the plant. Regardless, I still need to test it at night, but it looks promising.


      Sure beats the early snap-rings...

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        still haven't got this to work...the ford place tried to tell me "no, i don't think that's adjustable"
        2000 MGM LS


          Originally posted by 00merc
          the ford place tried to tell me "no, i don't think that's adjustable"

          Tell the nitwits to read the shop manual... if they know how to read...
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            Good info!
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              Yes there is an adjustment ...They are full of shit...I have a hoppies headlite aligner and I have specs....So do not let them fool you...Hell if you want I can print out and fax you the mitchel directions...if you want alldata I have that as well...
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