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1997 Volvo 850, new old friend

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    Today the Volvos story ended, for me.

    A nice local fella came to check it out with a short notice and after a short test drive the deal was done.
    It was a "need" purchase, that's why the Volvo was a hard sell otherwise, no one is looking for something like it.

    I must admit, I got way more attached to this shitbox than expected. I guess it's just the personality that many newer cars lack, that's why I'm having a hard time finding something that I'll really like.
    While getting another Volvo probably won't work this time, there's just something to old Volvos that I can't get anywhere else.

    Godspeed, eight-fifty.
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      Funny how we can get attached to the runts (so-to-speak). I replaced my beloved '78 Malibu with the '92 Ranger; because at the time, I needed a vehicle for commuting and for doing work. It was only a 3.0 with a T5; but I had a lot of fun with that truck; and it was very practical. I found myself a little more than annoyed when it was totaled.


        Selling it like you tear off a band aid. Less thinking the better. I waited too long and hence the gigantic red 1988 yard ornament that I had a buyer for but I couldn't let go.
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          It served you well. Now it's time to see what the replacement is...