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    Here's a look at my upgraded headlights. They are JWSpeaker 8800. I'm extremely pleased with them and how well they function at night. At the time, I could only afford the low beams, but I plan to replace the high beams at a later date. Another change I made was to replace my hood ornament. The original one was knocked off at a car wash. If I remember correctly, this one is from a 74 LTD. I maybe wrong on that, though. But I like it!


      Let's see some night time shots with the headlights!

      I have that same hood ornament on my 74 F250 - again not right for the application, but looks the part.
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      1988 Crown Vic LTD Wagon - waiting in the wings

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        The MegaMerc's original hood ornament was broken off by some kids sliding off the roof after a snow storm. I like to think it was quite painful.

        I found a Lincoln ornament & installed that. It is appropriate as there is a Mark VII LSC engine in the car....

        87 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Country Squire Station Wagon. 4.10's, Repacked Trac Loc, Boxed LCA's, Explorer Intake, 65mm T-body, 'Stang Cam, 'Stang Air tube, K&N, GT-40X Heads, 1" Spacer, 1 5/8 BBK's, 2.5" Pypes X-pipe w/high flow cats, Single Chamber Thunderbolts, B&M 'vertor, Po-lice Swaybars.

        91 Mercury Grand Marquis Colony Park Station Wagon. K-Code, 4.10's, Repacked Trac Loc, MK VII LSC Engine, 'Stang Upper Intake, Stang Air Tube, K&N, 65 mm T-Body, 'Stang Headers, 'Stang Cat Pipe,'Stang Torque Convertor, 2 Chamber Thunderbolts.


          Let me know if you are interested in a used Mercury hood ornament. I may have one in the spare parts.