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73/74 Monterey header panel question

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    73/74 Monterey header panel question

    Is the header panel on 73/74 Monterey the same as a Marquis 75/78?
    I know the how the headlights are setup it’s different but the Monterey looks like
    the fender extensions can go right in the Marquis
    any good places for info on the big ones I don’t have Facebook.

    I think the general body of the '73-'78 full-size Mercurys was kept the same. Nose panels likely should interchange across the board since all 1973 front bumpers required the use of the 5 MPH bumper. Only differences will likely be the trim/grille patterns and obviously the Marquis range having hidden headlights while the Monterey had the exposed headlights. Rear panels would be unique for a few years, as '73 had a unique rear configuration preceding the 5 MPH requirement, '74 having design similar but more sloped than the '73 cars with the 5 MPH bumpers, and then the '75-'78 cars sharing a rear applique and bumper configuration.

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