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  1. Awesome! Thank you Sly!

    Awesome! Thank you Sly!
  2. Compatibility question for electrical items

    I know that manufacturers change electrical connectors and pin-out locations every few years, so I'm wondering what years interchange with 1999?
    The keyless entry pad on the driver's door of my 99...
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    Thanks everyone! The front end components are...

    Thanks everyone!
    The front end components are all tight, but they are also the factory originals.
    Not a grease fitting to be seen.
    I was going to grease the front end two weeks ago because it has...
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    Police/Taxi package shocks

    Looking around online I've found that I can get a full set of Police/Taxi package shocks for half as much as the luxury(non P/T) package shocks.

    My 99 Presidential edition(the "Land Ark")...
  5. Thanks guys, I did neglect to mention that my...

    Thanks guys, I did neglect to mention that my grandmother had the remote starter installed about 8 or 9 years ago, so there's no warranty to fall back on, AND...... the keys worked just fine about a...
  6. 99 Presidential only starts if remote starter used

    So, my newly acquired 99 Presidential edition only starts if I use the aftermarket remote starter.
    If I try to start it the old fashioned way(with the key), the security light on the dash flashes...
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    Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone!...

    Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone!
    Mainemantom, I'm in Phippsburg.
    If you've ever been to Popham Beach, you've driven by my house.

    I'll take a wild guess that you're also in Maine. Lol
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    Newb in Maine

    Hello everyone!
    My grandmother just turned 96 in September and decided that driving isn't for her anymore and that she wanted to give me her car.
    It's a blue(inside and out) 99 Grand Marquis LS...
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