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Thread: The BRF

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    Default The BRF

    Thought I'd start a thread on my BRF... (Big Red Ford)
    It's an 03 Super Duty XL. Crank windows, no carpet. Cloth Bench seat.
    I bought this thing with a blown engine and 46K miles for 2 grand from a coworker that ordered it new.
    I knew the BRF from it's first day in our parking lot.
    Got a remanned 5.4 2V from Grooms engines in Georgia. One of their 'select' choices.
    Put JBA headers on it, and a new Dorman intake. A friend told me they made better torque that the stocker. True.
    I put a brand new bed from a 2014 on it after a deer hit.
    No joke. Deer hit the drivers side of my bed at full gallop. Dumbass animals. Insurance was going to pay $1800 for a bedside.
    So I added $200 and bought a new take-off from a place near Harrisburg.
    Before it went on, I did the undercoating and rust preventative treatments very thoroughly.
    Made the light bar, and put some Black Oak LEDs on it. They are pretty awesome lights.
    My hope is to get 30 years out of the truck. I'm almost at the halfway point now.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Manual windows are a wise choice. I have had to fix both driver and passenger of mine with the power version.

    Any idea why it had engine trouble so early?

    I kinda wish mine was the V8 so could get the sound. Bet it sounds even better with the headers. I drove an 05 van with the 5.4 and it was plenty good for power. Not a rocket but enough for sure.

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    Looks like a good solid work truck mang. +1 on the manual windows, the power windows suck on these. Have yet to see one that either hasn't had "repairs" done or had issues. That is weird with the original 5.4 dying early in its lifetime- those tend to be pretty indestructible if cared for. Definitely good to invest in louder exhaust and better lighting. Have to see errant bambi and keep them at a safe distance!
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    Did the 1st-gen 5.4 engines have a plastic intake manifold?
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    Dunno why the engine died. It ran when I bought it but sounded like a lemming with a BIG hammer was in there.
    I think the original owner put 20-50 regular oil in it.
    The headers and updated heads resolved any issues the thing could ever have with studs or plugs because we used real header bolts and anti-seize on everything.
    Once the tail pipe started to rot, I tossed ALL of it.
    Currently the BRF has a straight pipe welded to the cat with a 45 bend, a hanger, and a high speed NASCAR tip welded on.
    That puts it out in front of the rear tire on the passenger side. It doesn't drone or crackle. Not too loud but definitely sounds like a truck should.
    I get a pretty big kick out of running it to the rev limiter. It HOWLS.
    Yes, the intake is plastic.
    The idea of a plastic intake is against everything I've been taught but it works well so far.
    I guess ya learn somethin' new every day.
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