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Thread: Official Exhaust Video Thread (POST YOUR VIDS!!!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by 87gtVIC View Post

    Dual Exhaust
    New Bosch Premium Oxygen Sensors (13593)
    Ford Racing Ceramic Coated Headers (M-9430-P51)
    BBK CNC Series Off-Road Race H-Pipes (1507)
    Two Walker 2 1/4” Intermediate Pipes ( 43281)
    Two Walker 2-1/4” ID to 2-1/2” OD Exhaust Adapters (41963)
    Two Polished Stainless Steel MAGNAFLOW Performance Flow Through 2.5” In/Out Offset/Offset Mufflers (11236)
    Walker Impala Tailpipes (45016, 45017)
    24" 2.5 tail pipe extensions (17635)
    Easy Seal Exhaust Clamps from Tailpipe to Tailpipe Extension (ES 250-SS)
    3A Racing 2 1/2" Turn Downs ( 17605)

    Here are some recent clips from my car:

    Subscribed to your YT channel, great stuff!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TurboDouche View Post
    Subscribed to your YT channel, great stuff!
    It is all unlisted. No public viewing. Thanks though.

    My 1987 Crown Victoria Coupe: The Brown Blob
    My 2004 Mercedes Benz E320:The Benz

    Quote Originally Posted by DerekTheGreat View Post
    But, that's just coming from me, this site's biggest pessimist. Best of luck

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    all the CFI are belong to me
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    Oh, this thread.


    1984 5.0, EEC-IV CFI
    Factory manifolds including heat riser valve on driver side
    Magnaflow direct-fit cats
    Walker stock replacement 2" H-pipe
    Summit Racing 633250 mufflers
    Walker stock replacement 2" tails to stock location rear exit

    Relatively quiet but has a healthy sound to it.

    83 GM 2dr POTM 10/2019 | 84 TC POTM 1/2017 & 4/2019 | 85 CS | 85 Ranger | 91 GM POTM 12/2017 | Junkyards

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