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Thread: 1 Touch Down In a Box

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    This is a great thread! I have the 1 touch up and 1 touch down on both windows in my S197 Mustang, great feature!
    My 94 Exploder has 1 touch down on drivers only, i would love to have 1 up and down on all 4 windows. But that seems like it would require (8) modules? I only have a couple extras lol. The Zephyr has crank windows and that is how she will stay. I love the simplicity

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    Quote Originally Posted by sly View Post
    or aero panthers. I think any aero LX/LS or aero Lincoln should have one. Base models should as well, but I'm not sure about the early ones as I've never seen a base early aero. Any ford with "auto" on the driver door switch should have that module from the 90s.
    It should be any 90s ford with Auto that does not have a drivers door module or keyless entry. This also includes later panthers such as early 2000s p71s which did not have drivers door modules. So if the window switch panel says auto and does not have a keypad, it most likely has the 1 touch module.

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