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Thread: 2003 MGM OK for fuel blend with E10/E85 ?

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    Question 2003 MGM OK for fuel blend with E10/E85 ?

    here in Germany they are starting right now with the blend of 80% gas and 20% of
    E 10(is it called E85 in the US?). Further they stop selling the "normal" gas, only Premium will be available in the future.
    Does anyone here know, whether the 2003 MGM is able to digest the 80/20 blend with E10? Or, will I have to expect problems with the fuel injection system sealing or other concerned parts?
    Just wanted to ask here before contacting the Ford customer service at Dearborn.

    Thank you in advance for your comments on this


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    E-10 is 10% ethanol, E-85 is 85% ethanol. A blend of 80% gas and 20% E-10 doesn't really make sense, as that'd be something like 2% ethanol.

    I suspect what you're dealing with is a switch to 20% ethanol, or E-20 (though that term isn't often used). E20 would be pushing it, but E-10 is run on many non-flexfuel cars including Panthers in the US. When it goes to 20% ethanol you may want to buy premium gas. It won't hurt anything, just cost a bit more. I know "a bit more" is actually a pretty big chunk in Euro prices, so I guess weight that against the cost of potential fuel system repairs.

    tl;dr no worries with E10 but E20 would make me a bit worried

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    if youre gonna have to run premium, might as well get a tune for it. get some 'use' out of it anyway...
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    20% no good, i would do half a tank of premium and half tank of regular

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    Default I was wrong......

    Alright guys, I was wrong ! E-10 is a 10% blend mix also here in Germany. Until now they blended with "only" 5% and now they are going up to 10%.

    If there are a lot of Panthers over there in the US which have no probs with E-10 I will not be afraid to put it in my tank here as well.
    Is there any official statement from Ford/mercury avaible for this issue?
    Gas prices are "slightly" higher here: Prices per Liter and in USD: Diesel 1,81;
    Premium gas 1,94, LPG 1,01

    Will see, what they are gonna ask for E-10 in the next weeks.....



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    If you are worried about the negative effects of E-10 on your vehicle i use an additive called Startron by Starbrite, it's used in many marine applications due to the problems with carburetors and fuel separation, i actually notice a 2-3 MPG fuel increase on my toyota corolla with it..


    I did extensive research on it as well...and seeing as the reviews are almost all positive i find it a good product, i use it on my panther as well, since it has a carb, and i don't need that being destroyed by ethanol.

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    my 88 EFI has no issues with E10. the 03 shouldn't have any either. if they up it to 15% (E15) though... you may start to see little issues and need a higher octane.

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