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Thread: My 2004 Mercedes Benz E320 aka The Benz

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    Getting up there!
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    My 1987 Crown Victoria Coupe: The Brown Blob
    My 2004 Mercedes Benz E320:The Benz

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    But, that's just coming from me, this site's biggest pessimist. Best of luck

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    Long ways to go.

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    ... and it should all work like magic and unicorns and stuff.
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    Overhead, some poor bastards are flying in airplanes.

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    A merscedes they are bullet proof reliable but you pay dear for the parts and serviceing if you do not work on your car yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rodentkiller View Post
    A merscedes they are bullet proof reliable but you pay dear for the parts and serviceing if you do not work on your car yourself.
    That is true of most German cars. I know my 2006 Audi with 131k miles still runs and drives like a new car. However I also have a 1" thick folder of service records from when the PO got it in 2009 with 27k till I got it in 2018 with 129k, and I bet if you add all that up its over $10k (big ticket was a trans rebuild @ 57k miles because all Audis built before midyear '06 had faulty CVT control modules that make the CVT eat itself). Hell, routine stuff like oil changes cost the PO $150 because it takes 7 quarts of synthetic. I would not have ever bought the thing if it didn't come with such complete service records, I would never buy any German car out of warranty without service records.

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