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Thread: Fasten Seat Belt Light Does Not Turn On

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    I recall you telling that story..It always give me a good laugh because I removed my soft dinger/chime and put in a buzzer from a Mustang. lol

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    But, that's just coming from me, this site's biggest pessimist. Best of luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by IPreferDIY View Post
    I wish my seat belt light and chime didn't work. It's such a pain in the ass when I'm not actually driving.
    Quote Originally Posted by L1011tristar17 View Post
    There's a connector under the driver's seat. Disconnecting it may solve your problem. It also controls the automatic locking of the doors when shifting out of park.
    It worked! It looks like it's specific for the seat belt light and chime (considering that I had already disabled the autolock through the computer). The chime that comes on when you open the door with the lights on or the key in the ignition still works. Yippee!

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