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Thread: 1976 Ford LTD

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    Thanks for the further info guys... Unfortunately I don't have any good news here.

    The guy was unable to be around the weekend I was suppose to see the car. The weekend after that, It just so happened I was in the area of where the guy lived for my friends Bachelor party weekend shenanigans. We set up to meet on Saturday but again he had to cancel due to being called into work.

    I'm on vacation starting this Friday until Jan 4th (which is freaking awesome) so I let him know if he's available anytime during that break and I should be available to head down and check the car out. I haven't heard back from him since so it might just be a lost cause at this point.

    ...oh well, there's always the next one I guess.

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    Indeed, more cars are around and there's just not enough money or time to spend on them all...
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    Or, you can contact Wild Bills Corvette and purchase real TEL: in qt cans.......the only reason my Avanti runs as good as it does is due to the TEL I add when I get gas.....10:50:1 compression is not helped by today's pump urine.
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    You need to move down here... 93 is our premium.

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