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Thread: Custom sony diskman Isolation platform!

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    for what it is... it does sound good... not great... not studio... not bad... just good. And since it's in the 93 now instead of the 88, there's no rattles to speak of when raising the volume. And I can hear the bass on the highway... which is always an issue with the older panthers. The 2000 doesn't have that issue as it's got even more sound deadening than the other two and just the stock system isn't bad (highs are a little muddy, but meh... stock system). I can listen to all points of classical music in my 93 except for a resonant drop round 1-200hz. My den noise maker fills that zone because I have 8s and 10s and a 12" sub along with the 3s and 4s for tweets and highs. Still not studio, but I'm not an audiophile. I just wand decent sound without distortion/flutter/noise. And with my setups, I get that. Plus, I like the boom... and always have. Hotel California actually got me started on liking the boom. The stock JBL systems do pretty good with that, but it's just not enough for me. My setup gets thre, but doesn't make vision blurry or breathing difficult or heart rate change... so it's good for me.

    tl;dr build it the way you want it and you'll like it. Not everyone is going to like the same setup.

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    What the hell is that? ^
    Ha, it was from Wanes World, in the gremlin. They were rocking out to that diskman. lol

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