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Thread: Wheel Spacer/Adapter Experiences

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    Default Wheel Spacer/Adapter Experiences

    Hey guys,

    Another question:

    I have the chance to buy some 20mm hubcentric wheel spacers at about 60$ each, brand new made by Eibach. Will the studs be sticking out too much because thats not very thick and I'm thinking the lugs might stick out too far and hit the rims. I guess I'd have to make sure the rims have a space at the back for them?

    Anybody have any expereinces with wheel adapters?

    here's a pic
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I run 1in spacers on my 88 in the rear because it looks dumb without them for some reason. I don't have any problems but with the 20mm you're short about a 1/4 inch... Measure your studs. If they are longer than 20mm, you know they won't fit. The spacers should come with appropriate lugs.

    I'll add that turbines have a small amount of clearance for studs that stick out but not a lot. Check the wheels you want to run.
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    I also ran 1" spacers in the rear and had to trim the studs down

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    I have a pair of those that are 1 1/4 inch that I decided not to use. I don't remember how much I paid for them, but I know they weren't cheap. You can have em if you want.

    They're T6 billet and they're thick enough to accomodate the whole lug, so you won't have to worry about that.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Putting it here because I keep forgetting to mention it. It's not very exciting at the moment.

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    I add a question to this spacer thread.

    Would spacers with a centerhole diameter of 70.3 fit my 88 Town Car with a hub diameter of 70.5?



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    It would be extremely tight if it did fit, but most likely not.

    I recommend anyone installing the spacers to use thread locker on them, just for piece of mind that they won’t come loose.

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    If the hole in the spacer is smaller than the hub, its not going to fit. I would suggest measuring the hub to confirm if you got that measurement from somewhere online.

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    A former co worker had spacers on his car, he had his wife and kids were in the car and he was driveing home on the freeway and the next thing happend the spacers went kaput and ended up breaking the lug nuts on his car, he prevailed on friends to tow him to work, he did get his car fixed. He swore he would never use wheel spacers again.

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    Yeah there's lots of stories from guys that have never had a problem with spacers. But then there's the poor bastards that have had their fucking wheels fall off. Not big on that sort of thing so i'd rather just get the right backspace. Same reason i don't like to fly: Sure you're more likely to have a car accident than a plane crash, but typically your car doesn't fall out of the sky.

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