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Thread: 2003 Marauder 4R70W transmission rebuild

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    Default 2003 Marauder 4R70W transmission rebuild

    Marauder owner contacted me about a rebuild for his car. His transmission lost 3rd gear. Originally I was going to use 2007 CVPI core I had, but ended up using that core for another project. Instead I got another low mileage Marauder transmission.
    The core was disassembled for inspection. The residual fluid was reddish orange, there was minimal clutch debris on the pan magnet and the yellow plug was in the pan. No damage or unusual wear was found when the transmission was town down.
    Current plans for car are to install a super charger and drag race the car on the weekends. The transmission was full rebuilt and the normal lubrication upgrades were performed and the hard parts were upgraded. Something new I am incorporating in my heavy duty rebuilds is the Sonnax high capacity forward clutch drum. http://www.sonnax.com/parts/4373-sma...lutch-drum-kit
    This newly designed drum allows for more clutches to be installed and increases the torque capacity and reduces forward clutch failure. For this build I chose use the 6 disc set up, which is a 20% increase. I also installed a hardened 300M intermediate shaft and heavy duty one way mechanical diode intermediate clutch, which is held to the reverse drum with a spiral locking ring.
    The valve body was fully rebuilt and the Jmod was performed.
    Transmission was fully air tested for proper operation and new U-haul transmission pan (with drain plug) was installed to make servicing easier.

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    I can't wait to pick this up!

    -ryan s.
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    Well my buddy tells him he knows exactly who loves buying shitboxes.

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    If I had an auto, I'd goto Erick.

    Great work.

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    It has air ride. I've disabled it since I've been jacking it up and down.

    That is how you're supposed to jack it.

    Up and down.

    -ryan s.

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