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Thread: The 97 CV "Tank of Justice III" (TOJ3)

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    Nov 2005
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    I didn't make the GGP this year.

    Oh well.

    I put new front pads and a rotor on the left front since I smoked off all the pad hot dogging it to work last week......
    It stops without any bad noise.

    Broke 190k. Getting there. Should definitely be over 200 by the end of the year. Or in another 6 months...

    Might have a lead on a 5-Speed for cheap....

    -ryan s.
    08 Lincoln Navigator L - 163k
    03 Mercury Marauder- 58,171 miles
    97 Ford Crown Victoria HPP "Tank of Justice III" (TOJ3) - 190k -->578.9 miles on ONE tank of gas<--
    73 VW Super Beetle "Bunky" <----- Wifey's
    Quote Originally Posted by pantera77 View Post
    Well my buddy tells him he knows exactly who loves buying shitboxes.

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    Sorry you missed it.
    A T-5 is less parasitic. I don't know if TKOs are as they have heavier parts...

    '10 Escape LTD, V6 AWD. K&N, VentVisors

    87 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Country Squire Station Wagon. 4.10's, Repacked Trac Loc, Boxed LCA's, Explorer Intake, 65mm T-body, 'Stang Cam, 'Stang Air tube, K&N, GT-40X Heads, 1" Spacer, 1 5/8 BBK's, 2.5" Pypes X-pipe w/high flow cats, Single Chamber Thunderbolts, B&M 'vertor, Po-lice Swaybars, Dead AOD.....

    '91 Mercury Grand Marquis Colony Park Station Wagon. K-Code, 4.10's, Repacked Trac Loc, MK VII LSC Engine, 'Stang Upper Intake, 'Stang Air Tube, K&N, 65 mm T-Body, 'Stang Headers, 'Stang Cat Pipe,'Stang Torque Convertor, 2 Chamber Thunderbolts...

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