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Thread: My 1987 Mercury Colony Park

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    Default My 1987 Mercury Colony Park

    So, this wagon already has a history here! For it's ownership under TecNickal from 2013-2016, click here: Early History

    Today was the pick up day. Nick came down in his '89 and picked myself and friend up and drove us back up to South Carolina. We got to work on getting things ready so that the car would be good to ride back down to Georgia, so it did need a little preliminary preparations.

    Mechanically, everything is rock solid on this thing. It runs great. A/C is cold, heat is hot, the AOD shifts smoothly, and the 302 happily cruises down the road at 55. There are some minor interior things that have to be taken care of, but nothing that would be unexpected in a 30 year old wagon. We temporarily took out the front door lock actuators since one of the replacements had locked up (thanks Dorman), and the other one needed a clip. No big deal, and definitely nothing that can't be handled easily.

    Nick gave me a lot of extra interior trim bits to go with it and I'll be getting some more stuff next time I go up. I have wagon cargo coils to put up under the rear, along side the PI control arms and rear sway bar. We loaded the rear with the old rims and tyres along with everything else and it saaaggggggss. I believe the rear springs are likely original anyway, so the tiredness isn't unexpected. It does have good shocks, so those'll stay when the rear gets the springs put in.

    Right now as it sits it just needs a really good interior and exterior cleaning since it sat for a little bit. The front seats are great (Lincoln Town Car seats!), and the rear is fair, save for the bottom cushion which I have a replacement on hand. I'll get that fitted after it gets cleaned up really well.

    Here's some pictures:

    Parked at it's new home (stored at a family friend's house):

    It is interesting to note that this car is a February car and my '97 is also a February car. I'd be very curious of the specific day this one came of the line. I wonder how close it was to the day the '97 was built, as it was built on the 12th.

    So, what's on the list for upcoming things? Well there's some preventive maintenance that'll be done and some general repairs to get everything near 100%.

    Currently looking at:
    -Replacing rear springs
    -Re-installing lock actuators
    -Replacing ignition switch (PM)
    -Changing differential fluid
    -Fixing the wipers

    That's the most serious stuff that needs attention over the next few weeks/months. Anything else that needs dealing with (small trim bits, et al) will be dealt with in-between.

    There's also some fun stuff planned, too:
    -Adding passenger vent window
    -Adding dual exhaust
    -Adding rear sway bar and PI control arms
    -Adding a Class III/IV receiver

    TL;DR: Got a wagon, going to clean it up, and drive!
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