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86+ is roller for the Box 302.

Regarding the cam, I was able to find a stock HO grind on corral.net for $40 shipped couple years back. Supposedly has 42k on it. Then again, stock Fox parts are exploding in value. Saw a stock catted H-pipe for $1350. It was NOS but still...
I seen that as well. The price has dropped significantly but it is still UP there. Funny I put a NOS catted H pipe on my pile a few years back. Who knew I should have saved it for stupid money.

Zack.....how much of a rush are you in. I have an HO stick that came in the rebuilt block I purchased for my car back in 2014/15. I pulled it and stored it. I may have a gig coming up in Atlanta (mid august) and am not opposed to just dropping it off. You let me know.