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Thread: My 1987 Mercury Colony Park

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    2 decades of DDing Box Panthers, now in a Whale VicCrownVic's Avatar
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    Not entirely certain, but I think his '79 is like the '80 pictured there.

    Quote Originally Posted by DerekTheGreat View Post

    That thing must be really pokey. Take it it's got a three speed trans?
    yes, no OD. Whatever trans came in these before the AOD (C4 or C6?).

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    I know the later whales got an upgraded deflector to help guide more air up, I wonder if it could be modified to fit. I donít see why not. I doubt Iíd be able to get one for a box so I might as well try to make another one work.

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    fomoco panthers !
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    Quote Originally Posted by VicCrownVic View Post
    Not entirely certain, but I think his '79 is like the '80 pictured there.

    yes, no OD. Whatever trans came in these before the AOD (C4 or C6?).
    They came with the C-4/C5. That is what my 79 ltd S wagon had. Pretty weak especially when put in a wagon and behind a 351 motor. Those transmission could be beefed up to handle the load. Seriously doubt many were.

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    Could be worse, the 255 did exist.

    I always thought C4 was the perfect name for that piece of junk given how often they blew up in stock form. They're horribly sloppy things too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phayzer5 View Post
    I drive a Lincoln. I can't be bothered to shift like the peasants and rabble rousers

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    Quote Originally Posted by VicCrownVic View Post
    Grand1's '79 Marquis has an air dam like that mounted to the radiator support and a smaller one on the bumper. Open 2.26 rear gear (G code) on that car.
    2.26:1 RAR = 70mph in First gear! (with a C4, anyway)

    I never did successfully explain that concept to someone that my confusion at having to grab Second at 5mph in a certain other vehicle wasn't because that car was a stick shift, it was because its First gear was effectively 2.5 times as deep as I was used to at the time!
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