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Thread: low oil pressure

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    Fan works as it should. Stop and go traffic, stays between O and the R on the gauge. Long periods of driving without stopping is when it starts giving problems. I'm planning on getting a separate tranny cooler with fan and see if that helps. And I'm in the process of doing a 3g alternator swap with electric fans and maybe a electric water pump.

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    also possible the water pump leak is sucking air at speed, and you're not actually moving water properly.

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    I'll change out the gasket and I'll update you guys on it. I'll do it maybe tomorrow after work.

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    Any gaps around your radiator and the core support?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DerekTheGreat View Post
    There's this dude on YouTube who threw it in the crankcase of his old 2.9 Ranger and it free'd up a sticky lifter(s) in seconds.

    Typically all the Old fords I've ever driven go to the middle and stay there as if there's some sort of buffer to keep them there. In your case I wouldn't worry about it as I'd expect it to heat up at idle..
    My first '90 literally NEVER got above "O" on NORMAL except the time it shit a heater hose. When I had the top-end done on the motor they found out the whole bottom half of my radiator was full of shit and getting ready to burst. They put in a new radiator and fan clutch at that time. After a complete top-end including new aluminum heads, 1.7 rockers, intake, TB, injectors, MAF, etc. it ran cool as ever despite me beating on it and manually shifting to keep it in the radically-different powerband.

    New car had a new water pump and radiator flush shortly after I got it and it crapped the pump. Always ran around "R" before and still does. A few weeks ago on a particularly warm day, I was awaiting a pick-up/drop-off in a parking lot in the car with the A/C running for the puppies. Watched the gauge climb slowly from "R", then "M", then it hit about the middle of "A" and wavered. Went down a little, up a little, and I freaked out and shut it down. Rolled the windows down and sweated for a bit. Once we got underway again it swiftly went back down to "R" but really shook my faith. It has a new water pump and fan clutch, the coolant looks great, but i'm scared. May just stick the new radiator I tore out of the other car in there for safety's sake. Driving the boat out to the desert this weekend so we'll see how much I get done tomorrow.

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