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Thread: Power window weirdness

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    Default Power window weirdness

    Ok group
    My 90 wagon's drivers door window motor is a problem .
    Now this is my daily driver, and replaced the window motor twice , once with a JY part and the next time
    A new motor. Now today go to use the window and nothing. All other Windows work
    Is there a way to test the switch,?
    Can't see another motor being bad again?

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    mOST OF THE AFTERMARKET motors can crap out way before a ford one. Have had used ford ones last longer than new ones
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    First check for voltage at the motor plug.

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    As mentioned, check for voltage first. If voltage is good, try another junkyard motor, however, this time pull one from a passenger side rear door. This is the same part as is used on the driver front door and will have seen much less use than a driver door motor.

    This is what I essentially did on my '90 GM. The original driver door motor would randomly decide it didn't want to work. I swapped in the rear passenger motor and pulled another rear passenger motor from the junkyard a couple weeks ago. Both motors work excellent. My driver side front window rolls up much faster than the passenger side. At some point I'm going to pull a driver side rear motor to use in my passenger front door.

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