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Thread: kishy's 1985 Country Squire

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    Cadillac & Mercedes have wagons, many Subarus look like wagons. They just don't want to call them that.

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    I removed the remains of brakes from my utility trailer for similar reasons. the drums remain because they are the hubs but the hydraulics were already gone, I just tossed the broken springs and shoes that were rattling around inside the drums when I did wheel bearings. Making it work would be nice but not cheap because I have nothing at all to start with.

    The alignment shouldn't be but usually is some big stupid undertaking. Tell them to use 92-94 specs since thats exactly what the front end parts match up with.

    crossovers are somewhere in the no-man's land between station wagons and minivans, which direction it goes depends on the specific ones.

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    Tell them to use 92-94 specs and remind them that you also have the older frame mounted adjustment points as well if needed. I had to remind a shop of that once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kishy View Post
    About the brakes on the trailer...yeah, probably. But one side was totally missing, backing plate and all, so no thanks. I also don't really anticipate ever moving anything particularly heavy with it, just large, and my vehicles that I'd consider towing with have their braking systems in top condition. I could have added a surge brake master cylinder (replaces the trailer coupler and applies hydraulic pressure when trailer pushes into the tow vehicle) but there are many considerations like the diameter of the wheel cylinders. If I eventually deem brakes necessary it can be revisited. None of what was still on this would have been usable as-it-was, really.
    Ah, a "surge brake master cylinder" is what one would add. Thanks, that's what I was wondering what was possible. I'd definitely figure out a way to do that if I was serious about it. I probably wouldn't do it to the Ranger trailer but some 8ft box with a 1 or 3/4 ton axle and the associated big drummies? Yep. Anything I register and insure has great brakes- homie don't play that game. I've just noticed that when loaded, GM half ton brakes feel the strain.
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