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Thread: 86 colony park

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    Default 86 colony park

    whats going on everyone.. names joe new to the group here. I just got me a brand new 1986 grand marquis colony park. Ill gladly take any tips and tricks for this vehicle. just got a tune up and new breaks. however my mechanic could not fix my back window or air conditioner. said he was having a hell of a time finding parts...with that said. i can do with out the air if the back window went down or vice versa lol. any help id greatly appreaciate it. thank you in advance.

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    You're in the right place to get advice for fixing your issues.
    I can't help you with the AC, but plenty of members here can give you advice on that.

    When you say the back window you mean the tailgate window right? (Otherwise I'm not sure what the mechanic's hang up wold be.) It's been a while since I've had a wagon, but I do believe the back window motor was the same as one from one of the front doors if that is the problem. If there is some other mechanical issue with that window I won't have any advise but I'm sure someone else here will.

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    If you could be more specific about AC parts I would say an answer would likely be had.

    The rear window motor is the same as two of the other motors but can't remember which right now. If I remember correctly LF & RR are the same and RF & LR are the same. Not saying the motor is your problem but the cheap replaceable internal bushings often go.

    There are people here who can help you find many parts. Also Rockauto.com is your friend. There is a discount code found in the forum of vendors.


    PS my wagon went down for the count and did not get back up.
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    Welcome. I know there have been issues finding other parts for the tailgate, like the seals, but not sure what you need to fix. I've luckily never had an issue there...aside from water getting in since the seal is not great.

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    It's a real TREAT to replace the tailgate window. Ratcheting wrench for however big the window motor bolts are. It can be done. Mines been done by a shop before I bought it in 2013

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    Welcome. You'll find these cars very easy to service and maintain for the most part.

    A/C parts should be easy to find for an 86. Rear window motors are available as well; typically that's the problem there as long as everything is lubed up good.
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    I've changed tailgate window motors before. Annoying, but nothing you can't do. Motor is just a motor, don't recall anything special about it. Its probably the same as one of the doors, but I do not know which one. If you don't have the rear spoiler thing though you're likely to get exhaust fumes in the car, especially if someone replaced the tailpipe with a sedan one. Wagon ones come out the side, sedan comes out thte back.

    AC is also no big deal. I replaced all of the parts on mine several years ago, and at the time it was all available. Usually the hoses leak at the connections, sometimes the compressor seals fail. Driers can be had, condensors can be had and they are a better design than the original besides.

    Rockauto might have all you need. Short of that, what exactly can't you find? Someone probably knows a source. Depending where in the great Garden State you live, I may be able to direct you to a guy that knows these cars well, and owns an 86 Vic with working AC.

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    Welcome! Post some pics of your ride in the near future.
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    A few weeks ago I saw a wagon owner at BJ's in Deptford NJ.... told him about this place. OP is this you?
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