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Thread: FS: Ford 85MPH pre-90 speedometer

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    Default FS: Ford 85MPH pre-90 speedometer

    I've rebuilt my '85 American cluster with a "D9" 1979 new old stock metric speedometer. This has left me with an 85MPH US speedometer that I have no use for. It's an E2/1982 part. E2AF-17265

    This is only the speedometer unit and face itself. The transmission indicator, fuel gauge, front cover, back part with the bulbs are absent. Odometer reads 45869 but they're pretty easy to change. Not that I would ever do such a thing or know how.

    This unit works, but accuracy is unknown, as I've only seen it operate with vehicle rear end off the ground.

    $10 plus actual shipping cost, will ship to anywhere.

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