Going to be doing some work on this over the winter. I drove it very little this year (350 miles?), partly because I bought a Harley Davidson, which was easier to get out of the garage for cruising. First world problems.

At any rate, I started stripping the undercoat off the undercarriage back in the summer. It is very toilsome, but a lot of rags, lighter fluid, and transmission oil (longer term) will do the trick. I did the front k member, and front wheelhouses. I removed the fender liners and conditioned them, as well. The results are excellent, as the car looks absolutely showroom under the coating. I have noticed that the fox's fetching the most money are the ones that are totally immaculate underneath. This is my goal, within reason.

Winter projects will involve removing the exhaust and transmission to change the speedometer gears to correct for 4.10s, and access the tunnel to remove undercoat. I have new header gaskets to replace the shitty paper ones someone installed. Once that is complete, I will finish stripping the undercoat, and do any minor detailing required to the chassis.

I need to cut a half coil off the front springs as even after settling I still have a little too much positive camber, even with the plates adjusted.

Some powder coating of some engine bracketry, and I'll be ready to have the nose cone repaired in the spring, and correct the paint.

These cars are really starting to take off in value, so I need to decide if I am going to keep it or pedal it.