I've got a set of clear lenses off a 1991 LTD CV good for your 1988-1991 LTD CV. They are not perfect and have minor scratches (as expected with used parts), but would be reasonable for anyone's daily driver. The corner lenses are the worst of it, since the lower lenses have become detached from the housings, however a little clear silicone would fix that. The right corner lens upper portion has spidering in the plastic, and I don't think it's sealing well since some moisture formed inside the lens after I washed them with a rag. The left side seems to be in better condition.

If anyone was wondering about the bezels, they were essentially garbage. The mounting ears were busted off and they were cracked in various spots, so I just separated the lenses from the bezels.

I'm asking $40 OBO shipped.