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Thread: bigger, big brakes

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    If it requires 98-02 brakes already, its not like a standard big brake upgrade is a wasted effort. Still need everything except for the actual brake components. It also lets you do this upgrade at a later time if you don't have the bigass wheels to clear it.

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    If you have an 03+, and run 18's it's worth it for sure. Did it on the Marauder a month or so ago and I love it, really fills in the wheel.

    As for putting it on a 98-02, that's be great to see, interested for sure. I've read about it being done before on MMN, but never seen any pics. Obviously the adapter bracket needs to be different, but aside from that, it's the same basic principle. Hell all it is in the first place is a copy of the 03+ Baer big brake kit except it uses the GT500 rotors instead of the Baer ones that are notorious for warping and stupid expensive.

    Fun trivia, the factory 98-02 rotors are larger than the 03+

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    Quote Originally Posted by packman View Post
    Then he can count on at least me bugging him for those adapters; one for my '05 MGM and the other for my '86 CV which is getting its big(ger) brake upgrade; when that one is tested and out in the market.
    So marty is working on the brackets if he is the only other part would be if the gt500 rotors would fit on the 02- spindle ��

    I message him he said 180 shipped for the brackets �� he said he will send me pic Saturday
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elias View Post
    So marty is working on the brackets if he is the only other part would be if the gt500 rotors would fit on the 02- spindle ��

    I message him he said 180 shipped for the brackets �� he said he will send me pic Saturday
    step 1) you need to have 98-2002 big brakes already on your car.

    step 2) you will need the conversion adapter from marty
    you will need loaded front brake calipers from a C5 corvette. when I say loaded it means it comes with the caliper mounting bracket and all the mounting hardware. the caliper mounting bracket is what bolts the caliper to the adapter you get from Marty

    step 3) you will need front brake rotors from a mustang GT500

    step 4) you will need new front brake hoses to adapt the corvette calipers to the current hard line you have. I am working Todd at TCE to find out if the stainless steel lines he offers for the 2003 up cars will work for older cars.


    Click image for larger version. 

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