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Thread: What Panthers Did You Find?

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    Yah, that wasn't possible. Premium automatically bumped you up to tape deck.

    Gawd I hate magic numbering too.. "$8,995" Definitely a turd which has been polished, just look at all the dents, scrapes & stains. Scabby wheels and yellowed headlights collaborate that as well.
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    Hella overpriced, but the option list is whack.

    Wood Grain Delete
    Basic Bumpers
    No Door Guards
    No Power antenna
    Vinyl Seats
    AM/FM stereo
    No Cruise
    No Load Leveling Suspension
    No Corner Lamps
    Vinyl Steering Wheel
    No Autolamps
    Non-Tilt Steering Wheel
    Non-Interval Wipers
    Basic Instrument Cluster (No Low Washer/Fuel or Trip Odo)
    Manual Seats
    Manual Locks
    Wire Wheel Covers
    License Plate Bracket
    Power Windows
    Power Mirrors

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    Definitely low option there except for that one $200 tripminder. I do love that option though. Probably a no jump seat car too.
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    fomoco panthers !
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    Beautiful like new car. I like how it sits. Previous owner must have had a budget to stay on. Very basic. For that price dealer should get rid of those two Michelin tires. Should not mix a Michelin with another brand. Car will handle poorly. Those tires are too old and unsafe .
    It does have a "or best offer" Maybe someone will get a deal ?
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