The traction lock is quite likely worn out by now. Mine was effectively an open rear by 130k, but my car did live a pretty bad life. On snow it would only spin one tire, so that tells you how whipped it was. It did manage to get around passably even with that, but it was a lot better once the clutches were replaced. I haven't driven it in winter for years though. I sort of miss it, the thing did donuts like nobody's business.

People do put way more stock in that FWD thing than I think is justified. I've been driving a 2wd S10 pickup since 2001 as my daily beater. In the winter it gets some cinderblocks in the bed but thats it. Open rear, all-season tires, the ABS doesn't work, and I manage to get around in it. It just requires care and having an understanding of what you can and can't do. All the technical gee-gaws in the world won't make up for a lack of common sense behind the wheel. It doesn't usually snow all that often or all that much in NJ but when it does, wow do the morons come out in force.