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Thread: Anyone put a newer disc brake rearend in a box?

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    Default Anyone put a newer disc brake rearend in a box?

    I am looking to possibly put a rear end from a newer CV into my 85 2 dr. Has anyone done it? What modifications if any, are needed?

    Wanting to get a P-71 rear with 3:55s and tracloc.

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    ‘92-‘97 axles will swap, however I don’t know if 3.55 was an option on those police package models. I believe the most complicated part is setting up the brake lines to work properly.

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    there's K code aeros. just gotta hunt for them. Look for tow package cars and HPP cars.

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    Doesnít someone here have a partís car 92 Touring Sedan? Iíd bet that has a 3.55.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjc78 View Post
    Doesn’t someone here have a part’s car 92 Touring Sedan? I’d bet that has a 3.55.
    79lincolnlover I think, but he's a long way from most of us.

    Come to Detroit, it probably won't be hard to find that rear in the yards here.

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    Don't mind the rust so better be up on your tetanus booster haha. Get yourself a cut off wheel and or Sawzall...
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    currently in the process of doing this swap myself. my axle is from a 96 w/o abs. and it was a 2.73 open diff. i have a used set of 3.73 gears from an explorer and a traklok unit from a ranger that i plan to put together. if youre going for super cheap junkyard build, traclok 3.55 and 3.73 can be commonly found in explorers and rangers among others. might be an option if you cant find a panther axle to your liking. i didnt find direct swap axle with the guts i wanted, thats how i ended up with my current setup.
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