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Thread: Ford Racing M-9430-P50 stainless GT-40P headers on eBay

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    Default Ford Racing M-9430-P50 stainless GT-40P headers on eBay

    First time Iíve seen a set of these for sale. Might be worth a bid.


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    Maybe its just me but I can no longer find any Ford Racing headers anywhere for the windsor v8.

    I have those same headers but in ceramic coating. I like them. Cannot answer about the p deal as they are on a set of trick flow heads but I like them.

    Id have to look back in my receipt book to check on price.....these seem pretty pricey to start.

    EDIT. I checked a bunch of this guys other listings and things are priced at or above retail.....
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    I had used some google-fu and parts numbers to find a couple places online with these FRPP GT-40P-fit headers still in stock. Since I found out regular Mustang Shorty headers will work on the waggin' and I won't *need* them, here are a couple of the links. Looks like $272-$300 + shipping on these (a couple other links I bookmarked were higher prices or went out of stock since I was searching for parts back when I was originally looking at stuff for the wagons I have sitting out in PA).



    All the reviews I looked up on the JET-HOT or whatever ceramic coating were pretty good. No horror stories IIRC. I think the GT40P heads are just a bitch for anyone wanting performance. If you have to buy special headers to fit the spark plug angle, vs just having a port job done on non-idiotic angle heads, better off going with the non-stupid stuff.

    Yes the exploder engine is a nice upgrade for our stuff, and one of the last revisions of the 5.0 windsor motor Ford ever did. But I think they are about to get really thin on the ground, you won't be able to find them anymore shortly. The Explorer/Mountaineer vehicles are approaching the end of their 20-odd year service/daily driver life, they're about at the bottom of their depreciation curve. And all the ones that aren't in pristine shape are going to be not worth fixing up, or parting out, and are just going to get crushed. It's a budget upgrade that won't be a relatively easy option forever. And most people on here don't think the slight bump in performance is worth the header fuckery you have to deal with using P heads vs Non-P GT40s.

    I mean they are almost unobtainium. Definitely hoard the parts if you think you're ever going to go with P-heads, they should at least hold their value if you ever decide to get rid of them. Sometimes people pay stupid money for things when they need them and that's their only option (or cheaper than custom-welded-fabricated headers). So if you have the $300 burning a hole in your pocket, and shelf space, or a GT40p-headed engine you're going to swap, by all means, snatch one of these up now while you still can.
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    At one point when those headers were very available, they weren't stupidly priced and they're actually nice quality pieces. P head or not, they weren't a bad option.

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