Hello Guys!

I posted a thread some time ago about the sudden shut off of my 1987 Mercury Colony Park, specially while the car was in movement...well, I leave the car with my mechanic and the problems on the engine were bigger and bigger, so I take the option of a complete engine adjustment. After 1 month of work and looking for spare parts (not so easy to found in Chile), the car was finished, but it still shut off!!!
Many parts were replaced or repaired, including change of gaskets, IAC Valve, fuel pressure regulator, water pump, etc...

Now, the mechanic says that the fuel pump, which has 14 months of use, has no pressure to work properly. The fuel pump was an "Autobest" found at ebay. This is my last resource to solve this problem, so, if eventually the current fuel pump only has 1 year of life, I want to buy a good one now.
I found the fuel pump with the hanger:

Is "Sprectra Premium" a good maker for this part?, and has this hanger any relation with the fuel level reading?, which is broken on my car too...

My other option is only the fuel pump and strainer, maybe a Bosch?


What do you recommend?. Or of anyone can tell me which is the proper spare part to solve the problem of fuel level reading too...I appreciate your help!!