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Thread: The 9007 headlight wiring & relay upgrade kit... buy or have a member make one?

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    Default The 9007 headlight wiring & relay upgrade kit... buy or have a member make one?

    My 2000 MGM really needs this. I read on CrownVic.net that bigger gauge wiring with 20-Amp fuses and separate relays really improves the luminous output of the headlights, for the factory wiring is a bad joke that can kill the relays on the LCM.

    While I've read this thread:
    ...and I can read and understand wiring diagrams, and solder wiring, I'd really like a plug-and-play kit for the 9007 bulbs.

    There are commercially available 9007 HW&R upgrade kits, like this one: https://puredieselpower.com/ford/900...s-upgrade.html
    Would it fit? There are 9007 connectors alright, but I don't know what is the actual wire gauge on this thing (the writeup for the upgrade says 10 or 12 AWG). I also don't like the bulb connectors on this one, they look and feel kinda cheap and not really weatherproof. I wouldn't want to rewire it, for if I really had to, I'd make my upgrade kit on my own - though I lack the time (and Metri-Pacs, LOL).

    I know that people make those kits from quality parts (weatherproof fuse holders, relays with good bases, sealed Metri-Pac connectors, proper wiring gauge etc.). I'd like to have it made, and for good ol' U.S. dollars (or Canadian dollars). I know that BH1976 from CrownVic.net makes those, there are other people (like Painless mentioned in the first link) who can do this; perhaps there are people on GrandMarq.net who can do this too? (I can register on CrownVic.net, if needed, haha).
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