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Thread: 2011 grand marquis brake lights out

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    Default 2011 grand marquis brake lights out

    My brake lights arenít working. Itís something to do with a switch connected to the pedal but Iíve found two switches. I wiggles around a few wires and I got brake lights for a morning but now theyíre not working again. I have no idea which thing connected to the brake pedal is what I should be looking at!

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    Sounds like the brake light switch has gotten flaky. Iíd try swapping that out.

    I donít know about the later cars, but the earlier ones just had two wires running to the switch.

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    5 wires on the later ones. Two internal switches.

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    Do those go through the LCM? Pretty sure that's a common issue with the later ones too.
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