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Thread: '09 Suspension Strut Replacement

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    Default '09 Suspension Strut Replacement

    Few questions about KYB Gas-a-Just: are replacements for non-police cars (front 551600, rear 555601) improve handling or are they just like OEM ones ? I read somewhere that the best combination is non-police front (551600) and police rear (555603). Do You have any experience with it ?

    At spring I will instal on my car air springs, rear bar 21 mm with new links and front bar 29 mm with new links. At 2020 season I plan to instal Metco arms and watts link. I would like to improve handling, without much loos of comfort. Car is my only daily.
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    They are like OEM. Though if you have wiped OEM, it will make things better for sure. The police spec ones firm things up nicely though. I have zero experience with the rear shocks though. My cars are too old to have police rear shock options (and my wife likes the soft ride of hers).

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    I just recently replaced the front struts, and rear springs/shocks on my 2010 Town Car Signature Edition. I got the car for nothing from a customer. It had 419,XXX when I got it, so you can imagine what the suspension was like. I replaced everything with P71 spec parts. Thankfully, the car is a factory NON-AIR suspension car, so no messing with wiring, or computer issues. What a difference!!!! The car is ALOT more stable on the highway, and the ride quality is firmer without being jarring. I just recently replaced the upper control arms with P71 spec. I knew I needed upper ball joints, but didn't realize how bad they actually were, as the car would try to go its own way when hitting irregularities in the road. A word of advice. Check your ball joints, before you replace the struts, as you have to remove the struts to remove the controls arm bolts. I found this out after the fact. Fortunately, I have access to a lift, and the strut hardware came back out easily.

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