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Thread: My 88 mgm

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    Default My 88 mgm

    I’ve been here for a while but I figured I’ll make a tread for my 88 mercury marquis (no name as of yet but need a name though) and its progress. Kind of tired of stating a new one for every thing i do to it so ima put everything here. I’ve been having it for almost 14 years i got lots of plans for it heres whats done so far to it.

    Autodiming rearview mirror with compass and garage
    New windshield replaced
    Ceramic tint (because Texas heat)
    Wagon engine bay brace
    Smog pump delete
    3g swapped
    2 core radiator (because texas heat)
    Lincoln radiator shroud
    All interior and exterior lights have been replaced with leds (ill take pics later)
    91 inner fender with the relay relocation mod
    newer marauder airbox and vic Tube
    Ho upper intake and ho tb

    Big brake swapped

    Bbk shorty bbk hpipe and magnaflows

    Currently working on the rearend still but im waiting on chris from adtr to finish those rear control arms I convince him to work on here a sneak peek of how the uppers look i sent him the lower a week ago im guessing another month more.

    Aluminum drive shaft but not installed yet waiting on rear end
    Poweder coated rear 1” bar and rear calipers
    Currently it has hpp 235/60/16 on it but i have some 18” saleen sc wheels like brent’s that will be going on it after rearend is done
    Ill take more pictures of it tomorrow these are a few months back
    But i have a question if I install a explorer intake with the lighting egr and throttle body will it run okay or will be to much air flow for it.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 871FFBDF-8D8E-4E6F-A88E-968797156EBA.jpeg   083976E4-89B5-46B3-8687-989574924E15.jpeg   0FB9E272-AA6C-474B-BDAB-74B8FAB0F45A.jpeg   EEDCE646-FC58-457E-8B8C-8EAA7C799B2E.jpeg   BD883646-3AC5-460E-ACCD-0B442379F005.jpeg  

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