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Thread: plastic engine cover: yea or nay?

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    Default plastic engine cover: yea or nay?

    I mostly hate these things that serve no engineering purpose whatsoever but I can't get mine off. The stupid plastic nut or whatever it is appears to be broken by previous person and now it feels like I will have to destroy it to remove it. What do people do about this? Thank you.
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    I agree with keeping them off. For me, it was a matter of inconvenience initially. Then awhile ago I learned that they might actually act as a heat trap. If there's some kind of sound deadening effect, IDGAF.

    What do you mean by the nut "appears to be broken"? If it's the same as my 2000 MGM, the nut should have a 1/4" square hole that you can use a 1/4" ratchet/adapter/extension on. If the nut is buggered, one possible option would be vice grips. Another would be to weld a bolt to any remnant of the nut that might still be there. I can recall an occasion in a U-pull yard when the stud came out of the plenum with the nut, so I wouldn't think inadvertently welding the nut to the stud would be an issue.

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    I am not a fan of engine covers.

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    I hated to see my 96 CV without an engine cover. The first one I bought, three different "mechanics" broke off because they did not look on the passenger side for the nut. Epoxy was used to repair it all three times. I have a nos cover for a 96 Towncar on it now. Looks good. Have another nos one in spare parts. I did have a problem with the nut coming off one time. Finally got the stud loose and out to replace the nut. Most fleets take the covers off and throw them away. Considering how expensive they are on ebay, I would not throw it away.

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