Hello all!

So I am planning a cam swap in the future (depending on time and funds). Right now I like the looks of this cam for my engine: http://www.lunatipower.com/Product.aspx?id=2359&gid=287

I was looking for other opinions and suggestions. Here's my setup and goals:

Stock 351w block and pistons, GT40 heads, 4 barrel intake and 650CFM edelbrock carb, stock torque converter (i believe from power braking it it's around 1800RPM stall), and a 3.27 rear. I want to keep it as streetable as possible as it's my daily driver. Ideally I'd like to try to get the same fuel economy as I have now, but add torque and horsepower.

Comp Cams has a similar cam I was looking at: (http://www.compcams.com/Company/CC/c...?csid=877&sb=0) however from what I read the Voodoo cams do a little better with streetability due to less aggressive ramps rates, and a little wider lobe separation (110 vs 112 in this case). I prefer wider lobe separation anyway as it tends to give a broader power range.

Any inputs or suggestions welcome!