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Thread: Seatbelt inertia reels for 86 CV

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    Default Seatbelt inertia reels for 86 CV

    Need both sides for my coupe.
    Any good part numbers for quality replacements.?
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    It’s a Tudor specific part.

    I don’t have a part number for blue. I do have:
    Passenger Side
    Beige: E5AZ-66611A72-A
    Red: E4AZ-66611A72-AD
    Sable: E5AZ-66611A72-B
    Smoke: E6AZ-66611A72-A

    Drivers side:
    Beige: E5AZ-66611A73-A
    Red: E4AZ-66611A73-AD
    Sable: E5AZ-66611A73-B
    Smoke: E6AZ-66611A73-A

    Notice a lot of those driver side are the same. The master parts catalog I have is a 1994 version and Ford had consolidated down to the bare minimum on service parts by then.

    Green Sales Company has several of these or others that *might* work. Give them the partial part number 66611A73 and see what they come up with. Prefix D9AZ (which is 1979) through E7AZ (1987) will likely function and they may actually have the color you need.
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